Mitutoyo 3058s-19 : Dial Indicator 50mm/0.01mm

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The Mitutoyo 3058S-19 Dial Indicator has the following specifications:

● Range: 50mm
● Graduation: 0.01mm
● Range/Rev: 1mm
● Dial Reading: +/- 0-100
● Type: with lug
● Accuracy: 0.035mm
● Measuring force: 3.0N or less
● Stem/Shank: 8mm
● Contact Point: M2.5 x 0.45 Thread
● Shockproof Type: Y
● Jeweled Bearing Type: Y
● With Coaxial Revolution Counter Type: Y
● With Damper at Lowest Rest Point Type: N
● Type: ISO/JIS


● Dial gages with a large-diameter (78mm / 3.07") graduation face to ease reading.
● All types come with limit pins and an outer frame clamp as standard.
● 3060S-19, 3060SB-19, 3062S-19, 3062SB-19 - Use in a vertical position only.

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