Your Production May Stop If You Are Not Aware of CNC Machine Parts

12 September 2020

Your Production May Stop If You Are Not Aware of CNC Machine Parts

If you are into industrial production and related business, you know how CNC machining has made the process easier and quicker in the past few years. In order to keep the production running without any mishaps, business operators are getting deeper to know everything about the CNC machine and its working.

Suppose you have started working with CNC machines and the next thing you require is to get the regular changeable CNC machine parts for your machine. You are totally unaware of where to seek help and how to choose the most compatible parts. 

What would you do then?

CNC machine maintenance may appear a bit complex compared to the other tasks of running a successful business. However, when a machine breaks down, it can cost you thousands of bucks, not only for the expense to correct the failure but in the lost earnings also. 

In such moments, a machine operator who has in-depth knowledge of maintenance can offer great help. Hence, to keep the production running smoothly, you will not only need to find the best CNC machine parts but know everything about them as these mechanical moving parts and high tech pieces are an inevitable part of your business. 

Talking about CNC Machine parts, here are some common mistakes and their fixes happen when you are unaware of the CNC machine parts, and their working:

  • Poor Connections: 

This is one of the biggest problems with machine production, in terms of electrical connections as more and more CNC machines are being designed for full electronic control. However, by learning proper cleaning, and dirt removal with having compatible connecting parts, you can avoid permanent machine failure.

  • Misaligned tighteners:

 When tighteners are not tracking straight with the chain in relation to the main force can impose tension on the chain, leading it to break excessively. Having proper knowledge of how to fix this issue is important so that you can immediately replace worn brushing in the tightener, which may be affecting the sideways of the chain. Also, make sure that the connected parts are working smoothly, and not disrupting the speed.

  • Weather-related issues: 

Operating in humid, muddy conditions can leave stains on the equipment, which can later result in premature wear on the sidewalls of the tires. However, it is difficult to avoid such conditions; still, you can make sure that the production is continued with regular parts replacement so that you can clean the older ones while working with the new ones.

  • Overused parts: 

As mentioned earlier, CNC machining works on some specific parts that need to be replaced with a month or even 15 days, for better drilling and edge cutting. If you have enough knowledge about how and when to change these parts, you will be able to determine if the parts are being overused, which can affect the quality of the equipment or products you are designing. 

Plus, there could be broken machine parts that can cause machine failure while designing expensive equipment for a big project. Thus, you need to keep an eye on your machine’s working for better production.

  • Tool monitoring equipment :

The tool monitoring system is a great help for measuring and assessing multiple operations. The USB interface of the tool monitoring system is connected to the CNC machine utilizing a firebus communicator that helps identify broken and missing CNC machine components such as damage spindles, bearings and broken belts etc. 

The biggest advantage of this tool monitoring system is that it stops the production when there is a high risk of machine failure and damage to the CNC machines. More and more industries are now considering machine tools monitoring for better productivity of their CNC Machines.

Whether you are an operator or business owner, investing in CNC machine parts is something you cannot avoid for the longevity of your CNC machines. So, rather than struggling with machine failures due to lack of knowledge, you can learn about the parts and how they can be utilized for smooth working. 

Apart from this, you need to find a reliable source from where you can get high-quality CNC components that meet your production requirements in an efficient manner and keep you aligned with the latest tools and replacement parts.